A teacher exists only if they have students.  I believe that a good teacher meets the diverse needs of his students. His job is to stimulate and motivate students to help them discover a desire to learn the study of society.

Sociology is a particularly hard discipline for students to understand.  This is because sociologists have developed a jargon of their own, a multitude of methodological study, and 4 major components theoretically which can even combine approaches towards studying society.  Therefore it is imperative that a teacher of sociology understand these concepts fundamentally and should strive to create engaging opportunities that help to clearly communicate the concepts found in sociology.

I have developed a multi media approach towards engaging students in the classroom and have created a virtual classroom that they can carry home with them and engage in the study of sociology at any time via their telephones and computers.  The development of my micro blog, Socio101, is to stimulate students and have them interactively seek out fundamental concepts found in sociology as we study the text together.  This enables students who are shy or may suffer from social anxiety to communicate with me effectively outside of the classroom.  Within the classroom I use PowerPoint's to supplement text, YouTube, videos, books, journals, papers, and my micro blog, Twitter Socio101.  This blog carries an archive of  links & visuals that help augment definitions of sociology, whether it is examples of ethnocentrism, cultural genocide, or globalization, racial prejudice, social stratification etc.  In addition I do challenge students in my classes to give opinions about the subject matter we are reading in our text books.

To supplement their research online students are trained to use an on-line library guide which I have developed with staff. http://uscupstate.libguides.com/socy101. This reinforces the scientific approach required in the study of sociology and leads them to substantiate information that they should discover online.

Finally, a teacher should serve as a remembered positive influence for a student's desire to learn.

Rod B. Scherich

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