We are very fortunate to have Rod Scherich as part of our sociology faculty at Upstate. He has been a welcome addition to our staff, as his love of teaching and his commitment to students come through loud and clear in his work. Rod has energized students with his innovative use of social media in the classroom, and has already inspired several to continue their study in sociology. His expertise in the sociology of the media has provided our students with an interesting and important subject area that they hadn't been exposed to before. And although his title may be adjunct instructor, his active participation, positive attitude and significant contribution have been much more like that of a full-time faculty member. Unquestionably, Rod has been a welcome addition to our department.


Clifton P. Flynn, Ph.D.

January 11, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Scherich has served as an Adjunct Instructor of Sociology at Greenville Technical College since August of 2010.  During that time, he has proven to be a dedicated member of the Behavioral & Social Sciences Department and an enthusiastic instructor who is very committed to his students. 

Among adjunct faculty in Behavioral & Social Sciences, Mr. Scherich is certainly one of the most dedicated.  He participates in optional meetings and professional development seminars, and he contributes to departmental efforts at a level that is exceptional for adjunct instructors.  Of particular note are the efforts Mr. Scherich has made to improve the content and accessibility of sociology resources available through our library.  As a result of his work, our library received a significant donation of sociology titles from a major publishing company.  In addition, Mr. Scherich worked with one of our librarians to develop an online LibGuide for sociology resources that has benefitted both students and faculty at Greenville Tech.   

Mr. Scherich has a great deal of enthusiasm for teaching sociology and a high level of commitment to his students.  He makes a concerted effort to create learning experiences that pique students' interest and promote student engagement.  Soon after coming to Greenville Tech, Mr. Scherich developed "Socio 101," a Twitter site where students can post and access information relevant to the field of sociology.   He has continued to use this tool to promote student engagement in his sociology courses through relevant applications of social media.  Course evaluations indicate that many students who have been enrolled in one of Mr. Scherich's courses absorbed his enthusiasm for the subject matter, appreciated his commitment to their learning, and benefitted from the opportunities for student engagement that he integrated into the course.   

As Mr. Scherich's direct supervisor at Greenville Tech, I can attest to his high level of commitment and dedication to his work.   Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information regarding Mr. Scherich.

Nicholas J. Hill
Department Head
Behavioral & Social Sciences
Greenville Technical College
(864) 250-8361

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